My response to the Condem’d.

It seems the new coalition is not very popular, and honestly, it’s rather clear why. They are unelected and unwanted by the people. They stand for the elite, privileged few and strive to protect them. The rich, protecting the rich.

Twenty three of the twenty nine Cabinet Ministers are millionaires, therefore I find it hard to believe we really are “All in this together”. I don’t believe a millionaire is going to feel the cuts as much as someone who is on minimum wage, so why should these people dictate what happens to our country? They have no idea about real people! Unless you live a real life, you can’t understand, however, trying to explain that to a Condem would be like catching smoke with bare hands.

Now, I’m not about to be the person that stands up and says Labour made no mistakes, no government is perfect, however I despise this constant slating, the constant ringing from the Condems saying it is all Labour’s fault. It’s narrow minded and ridiculously partisan, instead of blaming, stand up and fix it!

I disagree with many cuts, etc, implemented by the government, but as a student, I think it’s right that I feel passionately about tuition fees and the scrapping of EMA. Firstly, the raise of tuition fees, as if it wasn’t difficult enough to survive the debts of university, this government is set to make it much worse, this seriously demises the opportunities for all students and young people to reach their full potential, it also means people will be forced to look for work at earlier ages, but wait, job’s are cut left, right and centre. So they’ll go onto benefits, but wait! Benefits are being cut too! The raise of tuition fees is simply a way to keep the Elite well educated, so they can continue to rise to power, and legislate to benefit themselves. Secondly, EMA, what the Condem’s don’t think about are the families who, if pushed to choice would pull their children out of education, to work, because they cannot survive on their income, if these children didn’t receive EMA when proceeding to higher education, they would have to go into work, more people who can’t find work, have to go on benefits, but oh wait, Yeah, I think you see the pattern. Or the children, who simply can’t afford the equipment, uniform, transport, etc, to attend school every day. Of course, the Condem’s don’t understand this, because they aren’t in this position!

On this, I want to talk about who I now refer to as “The I don’t care bunch”. I receive EMA, so do a few of my friends, however, some don’t, the same is said with tuition fees. I have a few friends who plan on going to university, and a few that don’t.. I’ve found that the response from people that don’t get EMA or don’t want to go to University has been, “Well, I don’t want to go to University anyway, so it doesn’t apply to me!” Similarly, “Well, I don’t get EMA anyway, so it doesn’t apply to me!” I think what they don’t realise is that maybe one day, they will have children, those children may have been entitled to EMA, but it has been cut, and those children may choose to go to university, and the people who said “Well, it doesn’t apply to me anyway!” will be left to foot the bill. I don’t think they realise that just because these cuts don’t affect them, it doesn’t mean other cuts won’t either, if they think the Condem’s will stop there, they are wrong, the worst is yet to come, something will affect them, and I think they’ll wish they had done something earlier.

I will fight, if the Condem’s think they will get things done that screws over the majority of the population, the real people, they are sadly mistaken, I refuse to give into them and say, hey, what will be, will be. The cuts are going too far and they will ruin our country! “We’re all in this together” You tell that to the local worker who has just lost his/her job after years, because of you. On the contrary, we aren’t all in this together, you have your elite group, and we, the real people, have our group, if you want to look at what’s wrong with society, look in the mirror!

Welcome to the Condemnation!

Population: us.

Lead by: clueless millionaires and people who refuse to stand up for what they once believed in.

Good Luck comrades.


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  1. Tim Mullen
    Oct 30, 2010 @ 21:00:00

    Top blog Hannah – hits the nail right on the head! The responses you’re getting about EMA and tuition fees from people who don’t see they need them is a common one; at it’s simplest it’s the same as people who say “I’ve got no kids so why should my Council Tax go to paying for schools?”. I’ve had many people say to me that disabled people get too much in benefits and special services (we don’t!) but my answer is always “tomorrow you could be sitting watching EastEnders and before you know what’s happened you have a stroke. You’ll then need an ambulance with trained paramedics, doctors, nurses, CT scan operators, physios, occupational therapists to help you regain use of your limbs or your speech. And maybe you’ll need to use a wheelchair so you’ll want that Disabled Facilities Grant to put a stairlift so you can get to the bathroom, or a ramp to get you up the steps to your front door, so you can never know when you will get sick, but if you’re lucky you will get old, and when that time comes you will expect better levels of help and support than elderly people are getting now”.

    As long as there are people like you who can make these arguments, and are prepared to fight to stop the destruction of everything we value, and to create a better society for the future generations, we’ll be OK.


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