The Daily Fail.

   Those of you wanting to read a light-hearted, blog full of ‘Hannahisms’, stop reading now. The only thing light-hearted about this blog is the funny noises I’m making as I try to think of what to say in the introduction. When I get into the ranting part the noises will cease and I will type away vigorously. However, until then I’m stuck umm-ing and ahh-ing. This seems a good time to move on.

   So, a blog on The Daily Fail and its line crossing with regards to The Bercows. It seems we are constantly bombarded with disapproving stories and derisory comments of ‘mistakes’ made by The Bercows. The constant harassment of them has today crossed the line when an online article featured not only speculations into their private life, but also pictures of their children.

   As much as I value freedom of speech in Society, I feel it inappropriate to attack people in such a way, and the tactless way in which The Daily Mail chooses has no place in modern Society. The agitation that the right wing media has with The Bercows seems to stem from the idea that times are progressing, and so should Politics, no longer must elected officials and women hold their views to themselves, they are now able to speak their mind, and in Mr Bercow’s case, forefront change, with or without the approval of the media.

   What has annoyed me today is the speculation made about a marriage and family life, and the use of images of children, which I thought was completely unnecessary, as most people choose to keep their family life private when living in the public eye, and why not?! It is nobody’s business what goes on behind closed doors, I’m sure the journalists would not approve of the public speculating about their private life.

   To those of you who say, “That’s just how it goes, when you’re in the public eye you cannot have a private life!” I say, I think that’s wrong, and if that’s what society has come to nowadays, there is a problem, it is a breach of human rights and should not be the case.

   I guess what I’m really trying to say is that the Daily Mail and other media ought to keep their noses out of business that doesn’t concern them, people may be interested for a while but it gets old. Also, looking at the comments on the website, the readers are just as bad as the journalists.  Shame on you!