“The first one to the sink…”

At special occasions where the whole family gets together for a meal, this term is used… It indicates that the first person that gets to the sink gets to do the washing up, as if it is some type of reward! This is usually followed by a multitude of “I’ll do it!” “No! I’ll do it!” ‘s from various family members, usually women, in fact in our household it is only the women that do the washing up, and the cooking, the men are there to cut the meat, as it is apparently “A man’s job” I know, #FeminismFail
The end result is usually a mass of women in the kitchen, washing, drying and putting away. (Not knowing where anything goes of course!) With small children pottering back and forth between the living room and kitchen with dishes and plates to be washed. Finally, the men, lounging, usually messing on their phones, trying to get one better than each other or trying to annoy the children, and consequently, the women.
I’ll never understand why getting to wash up is such a pleasure for these women, I often wonder if it is part of the patriarchal society they have been raised in, and not fought. They find it easier to try and convince themselves that they enjoy cooking and cleaning, instead of daring to start an argument with the men, telling them to get off their arses and do it for a change! (I know, I sounded rather radical there!) Another part of me wonders if it is just them being polite, “Oh yes, I’ll wash up”… Another trait learned through society.
I don’t think I will ever be that woman, who rushes to the sink, I would rather just be a spectator, watching and commenting on all the aspects of the family, and the differences in their roles, according to gender and age.
“The first one to the sink…” … No rushing here.


The next me and Fitz.

So, we’re sending Hamlyn on loan with a young lad and family who have just lost their horse. They came to see Hamlyn today, and wow. He’s two years younger than me, and I’m not ashamed to say at least twice the rider.
First impressions. They got lost, so we had to go meet them, they came in two cars, posh cars, you can tell they have money. On one hand I thought, at least Hamlyn will want for nothing, on the second I thought, gees, these people are going to be so stuck up!
I was wrong, they are truly lovely! They were interesting, chatty, just normal people. They adore Hamlyn, to them he is God’s gift, and as I watched the lad ride Ham, and bond, I saw my relationship with Fitz, they were so good together. Hamlyn is no easy horse, but he didn’t put a foot wrong, I believe if it wasn’t meant to be, he would’ve played up, but he didn’t. Everything went so well.
I couldn’t pick a better loaner for Hamlyn, I understand how hard it will be to watch him go, but knowing it’s for the best will make it much easier.
He is perfect for them, and they are perfect for him.

Hello You!

Hello All,

Just a little introduction blog, not entirely sure why I’m starting a blog, but not entirely sure why I do most things, ah well, here I am.. So, how’re you lot?

S’pose I should introduce myself, right? Well, I’m Hannah, I’m 17 and I live in South Yorkshire. Currently doing A Levels in Sociology, Politics and Psychology. Member of the Labour Party, Marxist Feminist… (That’s where everyone cringes) umm.. what was I saying? … This is how most of my blogs will go, I’m really good at digressing. I’m a twitterholic. I have multiple animals, we’re like a mini zoo, including my soul mate, Fitz, who is my horse, hence the name “hannmrfitz”.

Also.. Y’know how in The Vicar Of Dibley, they all think Margaret Thatcher is still the Prime minister, and refuse to believe otherwise, well, that’s me with Gordon Brown. 🙂

Anyways, I do ramble on. So, that’s all from me for now. See you all soon! (: xx

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